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Fighting antibiotic resistance with biotechnology. boosting the use of clean and self sustainable technology.

What We Do

Resistant bacteria cause more than 750,000 deaths every year
More than 60% of the populations in some areas carry multidrug-resistant bacteria in their normal bacterial Microbiota.
At Sciphage we fight antibiotic resistance using phage technology to different contexts environments or industries.


We develop what we call phage-cocktails. These are an optimized mix of selected phages to control specific bacterial infections.
Clean technology that allows industry to be self sustainable.

At Sciphage we develop products to reduce the use of antibiotics in different industries.

Phages are natural enemies of the bacteria.
With our optimal phage selection, our products overcome bacterial resistance, improve environment, human and animal health, and promote self sustainable industries.

1. Identify a bacterial problem

2. Isolate and characterize bacteriophages specific to the bacteria problem

3. Selection of phage candidates

4. Creation of phage cocktails

5. Optimization of a phage cocktail

6. IP transfer

7. Scale-up

8. Commercialization

Our Products

We develop science-based products. Our main ingredients are science, technology and knowledge. Beyond a product it self, we aim to support science in our country and in Latin-American using science to improve the industry and the people itself.


Our first product aimed the poultry industry. SalmoFree is a phage-based product that controls Salmonella infections in the poultry industry, modulates the microbiote of the animals and is an organic an natural product.


PhageAcnes, addresses the cosmetic industry, is an organic product to combat acne problems.

Weissella Ceti Phages

Weissella ceti Phages, addresses the aquaculture industry, is an organic product to combat Weisella infections en truchas


Our first line is aimed at the poultry industry and it’s a patented product. Sciphage will be a pioneer in the use of bacteriophages in this industry in Latin America.

Our solution includes a service that allows diagnosing the level of Salmonella contamination in chicken farms and laying hens integrated into the application of the SalmoFree product.

This product is a mixture of phages that controls Salmonella, which is presented as a natural, non-toxic, innovative feed additive that improves chicken health and is an alternative to antibiotics used in production.

Currently the product is designed to be supplied in drinking water for production birds, but we are moving to add it to feed.

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